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Life kills

Life kills

$5,380 raised since Mar 28, 2020

As Fundraising is a very Important part of most sporting program, The money we are raising here will help us to secure some of our worn out training gears, settle some registration bills, help with team member who was injured during training, Please after successful donation do consider sharing our link on social media platforms, share with friends and, Once again again, we thank you for supporting us.

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Mart donated.

"Take it to next level"

- Jan 10

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Bern donated.

"Appreciating you Jason"

- Jan 9

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DeArt donated.

"Happy New year Jason."

- Jan 3

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Smoni donated.

"New season"

- Jan 2

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MAthur donated.

"Merry Xmas Jason"

- Dec 22

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berns donated.

"Got your text.."

- Dec 19

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Arthur donated.

"Keep it going..."

- Dec 12

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Sbanes donated.

"from Smons"

- Dec 9

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Bernes donated.

"my Gift"

- Nov 13

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S Barn donated.

"Hi From Barnes"

- Nov 8

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Clay donated.

"Hi jason, A gift from Sparrow"

- Oct 10

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Arthur donated.

"Let the Ball fly,, Mark"

- Sep 27

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Rosche donated.

"Hi Rosche supporting for december"

- Sep 6

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Hoffman donated.

"Hope you are doing great,,"

- Aug 7

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Hoff donated.

"I Hope this sort some few things Jason"

- Jul 28

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Mullen donated.

"Rosch Say Hi"

- Jul 20

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De Rosch donated.

"Keep it Going Jason"

- Jul 10

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Simpson donated.

"Hi Jordan, my support for this cause.. From Simp."

- Jun 9

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Wells donated.

"Greetings from Erin..."

- May 25

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De Wicker donated.

"My gift from de wicker....."

- May 17

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