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FRC 1629 Garrett Coalition (GaCo)

FRC 1629 Garrett Coalition (GaCo)

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<p>We’re FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 1629 also known as the Garrett Coalition or GaCo for short. Our home is in the small town of Accident, in rural Garrett County, Maryland. We build robots for competition, but more important - we earnestly believe we can make a positive impact on our team members, our schools, and our local and global communities in regards to STEM.</p> <p>We are constantly seeking partners to help us achieve our goals and realize our vision - as well as the vision and goals of our partners! In particular, we are seeking funding to get as many of our LEGO Top Spinner kits (kit label pictured) to as many eight year olds as possible in and out of Garrett County. To learn more about our innovative, research-based and measured approach to STEM education please visit Thanks for your consideration!</p>

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